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The accommodation

The Cattery accommodationPurpose built insulated log cabins, which are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Stunning white upvc full height double glazed pens, give an airy and light feel and allows full vision to the outside. Also allowing cats to see each other, and understand where noises are coming from around them. The bedroom and litter areas are solid allowing the cat to have some privacy if needed.

These also act as a sneeze and infection barrier.

Fourth log cabin added! Plus new office!

Forth log cabin added at The CatteryWe are pleased to announce the new forth building is nearly finished and ready to be used.

With our new office space, customer toilet and more luxury pens.

Newly landscaped garden!

Newly landscaped garden at The CatteryWith added bird feeders and insect enticing flowers to give the cats things to look at and listen to during their stay.

As well as having music playing throughout the buildings.

The bedrooms

Bedrooms at The CatteryMost of our pens have ‘penthouse’ style bedrooms, this allows your cat somewhere elevated to sleep. All bedrooms are insulated, double glazed with personal thermostatic controlled heating, keeping your cat warm and cosy.

We provide beds, complete with ‘vet bed’ a fluffy bedding that’s recommended by vets to keep your cat comfortable.

The facilities

Faclities at The CatteryAs well as beds and bedding, we also provide a scratch post and litter tray for each pen.

Litter trays can be open or closed, to suit your cat’s needs. The Litter we use is a pellet form recycled paper, so is biodegradable and soft on the cats feet.

We currently have Single, Double, and Triple pens available, with the ability to open up 2 single or 2 double pens to cater for more cats sharing.

Room service

Cats boarding with us will be fed according to your requests, however this will be at least twice a day, and they will have a constant supply of fresh drinking water. We are happy to supply your cat’s favourite food, or you can supply your own normal, prescription or dietary food.

Occasionally a boarding cat may eat or drink less than usual whilst settling in. We will do whatever we can to encourage normal levels of consumption, we are not, however able to take responsibility for the quantity of water and food our boarders choose to consume.

Faclities and food at The Cattery

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