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Opening hours

Monday to Sunday
9am to 10.30am
4.30pm to 6pm

Bank Holidays, or any other time is by appointment

If these times are not convenient please call 01227 366 399
to arrange an appointment.

Prices and services

One cat - £12.00 per day or part of a day

Two cats sharing - £17.00 per day or part of a day

Three cats sharing - £22.00 per day or part of a day

Cats sharing must be from the same household

We can cater for families of 2, 3, 4 and more cats…

Please note

Local Collection & Delivery service is available at £1.00 per mile (£5.00 minimum charge)

There is a minimum booking period/charge of four days, for Christmas and New Year this increases to five days.

A deposit of £40.00 is required to secure your booking. If you are booking over Christmas or New Year the deposit is equal to 50% of the total booking charge, with a minimum charge of £50. If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, please notify us immediately. Your deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. However, we will hold the deposit for you and offset it towards any future booking.

For Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the prices are double the standard daily rate, as we have to pay staff an incentive to come in on these days!

The balance of your Boarding fee is payable on or before arrival by BACS or in cash please. Boarding fees are calculated and charged per day/part day and are inclusive of the day of arrival and day of departure.

Although we are fully insured, it is advisable that you individually insure your own cats, and inform your vet of their stay with us.

Local collection and delivery service available on request

All prices valid from May 2022

Terms and conditions

We only accept cats at ‘The Cattery’ with up to date vaccinations for Feline Enteritis and Feline Calicivirus (Cat Flu), and that have been treated for flea and worm parasites. We recommend a minimum time between receiving a booster/inoculation and entry into the cattery of 14 days. This will allow any adverse reactions to the drugs to clear, and will protect your cat properly. You must bring your cats’ current vaccination certificate with you.

We are happy to administer oral medication to your cats while they are with us, at no additional charge.

Any cat suffering or suspected of suffering from any infectious illness or disease during their stay with us, will be moved to our isolation facility, for both their and our other guest’s safety, pending advice from a veterinary Surgeon.

In the unlikely event that your cat does become unwell, we will do whatever is required to ensure the best care for your pet. In the first instance we will talk to your vet, they will have all the necessary notes and history for your cats, or in the case of an emergency we will contact Corner House Veterinary Centre, Herne Bay (our registered vet). We do have a good relationship with all the local vets; however treatment and care charges are the responsibility of you the cats’ owner.

We take great care to ensure that we remain free of fleas and worms, so that your cat does not contract them while staying with us. If we find a cat in our care has either we will again speak to the vet, and treat the cat accordingly. This may incur a charge.

Before your cats stay you will be required to complete the booking form, this gives us all your details, the booking dates, your cats’ details, what they like to eat, your vets details, and emergency contact information while you are away. You must also bring with you your current cats’ vaccination certificate.

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